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What is Virtual Reality ?

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Virtual reality, we hear more and more about this technology which tends to develop in many fields including real estate. But what exactly is this new tool? What can it bring you? We tell you everything!

Virtual Reality is a technology which makes it possible to simulate an environment, by using any computing device, whether it is the reproduction of a real scene or the simulation of a complete imaginary universe. It can bring together up to 4 of our senses: sight, touch, hearing and smell. This immersive experience is achieved by wearing a headset specially designed for VR (Virtual Reality).

Today, Virtual Reality occurs in several sectors, here are some examples :

  • In the real estate / construction field, immersive tours can be offered in order to project the potential buyer into his future home.

  • In the field of training, especially in industrial maintenance, the reproduction of machines and breakdowns on them is a way to put yourself in a situation before going to practice on real machines.

  • Today more and more museums offer immersive tours through applications that visitors install on their phones. This allows a more interactive and therefore fun visit.

VR tends to develop in the field of interior design, this allows the customer to immerse themselves in their future interior before it is actually built. This technology offers many advantages for both the customer and the professional.

For the customer, it represents an immersive experience that allows him to have a preview of the final rendering of his project, and to validate it or not. He can request changes to elements that do not suit him and approve them immediately.

For the professional, this is a great way to secure contracts with customers wishing to redo their interior. Indeed, for him, it is about impressing his customers through a unique immersive experience. Being able to make the necessary changes to the project easily and directly with the customer will also save him time.

In all this, what does Nootty offer? Nootty is a start-up from Rennes (Brittany) that offers Virtual Reality software to interior design professionals. It is about increasing their conversion rate by offering a tool to support customers in their decision.

Indeed, Nootty makes it possible to transpose in 10 min a 3D scene into virtual reality, because the solution is integrated into design software such as 2020Fusion or 2020Design and therefore accessible in one click from the software.

The advantages of this solution? The headsets that we use are autonomous, because they are wireless and computerless. It is possible to immerse 3 people simultaneously in a scene, but also to convert as many scenes as you want into VR.



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