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Kitchen designer's word: Design et Tendances

Customer of Nootty since January 2023, Cédric Franquart, CEO of Design et Tendances explains to us what Nootty brings him. Check out his responses below.

How long have you been a Nootty customer?

I have been using NOOTTY since my visit to the interior design fair in January 2023 in Paris.

What difference did you notice before and after using Nootty? What did Nootty bring you?

A completely different visibility of the kitchen project, I also design the living room in order to sell living room furniture…

How many VR projects do you do per month? Are all your projects put into VR?

I do 3 to 10 files, it all depends on the month, and all my projects are in VR.

How many sales have you made using Nootty? Did it allow you to increase your turnover?

I will not be able to tell you the number of sales, because I have been using them on all my projects since the end of January, the sales rate is not increasing, but it is mainly due to the current situation in furniture.

Do you use Nootty for a particular type of client?

For all types of customers... from children to grandparents... It brings a playful side to the RDV in store.

In your opinion, why should a professional use Nootty?

The professional must use this system in order to provide maximum visibility for customers, and to live with the times. I started at the drawing board in 1996, DTP in 2006 and since 2023 VR. I'm not a geek, but I'm a fan of your VR system.


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