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Kitchen designer's word

Customer for more than a year at Nootty, Julien Thillet, CEO of Careron explains to us what Nootty brings him. Check out his responses below.

How long have you been a Nootty customer?

I have been a Nootty customer since January 2022.

What difference did you notice before and after using Nootty? What did Nootty brings you?

Nootty is a tool that allows me to support my projects, especially in terms of space and volume. Customers sometimes find it difficult to project themselves before work begins. Nootty allows me to meet this need.

From a personal point of view, the rate of realization is better since I have it.

How many VR projects do you do per month? Are all your projects put into VR?

I put between 2 and 4 projects in virtual reality per month, that represents 90% of them.

How many sales have you made using Nootty? Did it allow you to increase your sales rate?

Yes, my sales rate has increased due to a better realization rate. At the moment, I believe that I have presented 28 projects (fittings and kitchens), I have signed 21 of them and there are 3 or 4 pending.

Do you use Nootty for a particular type of client?

No, I use it for anyone who wants a custom layout.

Why do you think a professional should use Nootty?

It is a tool that allows you to project your client into their future space. Many customers have a little trouble visualizing their future layout before work begins.

It is also useful for us, professionals, to visualize the defined spaces.

Do you have any additional feedback to make about our solution?

That the tool continues to evolve by bringing virtual reality closer and closer to photorealism by including materials and decorations. That we can also modify the layout of the kitchen directly and open the doors of the furniture.

Nootty's response: Don't worry, we're working on it! ;)



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