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Virtual reality for professionals : Which benefits ?

As we explained in the previous article, virtual reality is a technology that is developing at high speed. What are the advantages of this new tool? We tell you everything, looking at the case of interior design.

An extraordinary experience… Regardless of the field of activity in which you exercise, including virtual reality will bring its “wow” effect. Before making a purchase decision, the consumer needs to project themselves, put themselves in a situation with their future purchase, test the product... This extraordinary immersive experience will allow your customer to make their decision more quickly. But it will also make people talk about you, because you will have what others do not have, virtual reality.

…and complete!

A virtual reality experience is completely immersive, through the decor, the details, the sound, and why not the odour! Your customers won't be distracted by what's going on around them and will be completely focused on you and your product.

If we look at the field of interior design, you will find that virtual reality brings several advantages.

Limit back and forth with the customer

Interior design is an area that often requires several exchanges with customers before reaching a final result, VR (Virtual Reality) will allow you to immerse your customer in his future layout, whether he gives you its live feedback so that you can make the changes immediately. You save time!

Make changes live

During your meeting with your customer, you can make the changes with him, directly. Paintings, furniture, floors,... change them according to his desires!

Save money

As we said above, virtual reality will save you time, which means saving time with a customer also means the possibility of having more customers, therefore a financial gain. In addition, virtual reality is an advantage that you will have over your competitors, with a low investment which, if it brings you new customers, will quickly pay for itself.

Consequently, virtual reality brings several advantages, the main one being to set you apart from the competition and therefore increase your turnover by offering your customers an unprecedented immersive experience.

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