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Virtual reality for interior design

It is often difficult to project yourself into your future layout when everything is still only on plan, flat. This is why, today, more and more companies are using new technologies to overcome this problem, among them, virtual reality (VR) is in the first place. Find out why now!

The first use of virtual reality in interior design is to be able to project oneself, but it also has other advantages. What window to install? Where ? What type of floor? Bring an answer to all these questions by immersing yourself in your future project. Solve the concerns of heights, volumes by making live changes that seem necessary to you. This will allow you to fully take ownership of your project but also to save time because by immersing yourself you will decide more quickly on all of your layout (paint, lighting, furniture, etc.).

Virtual reality is a technology that is now accessible to everyone using smartphone, tablet or computer and many VR systems allow you to project yourself into your future interior. This tool offers a unique, fun but above all different experience to customers who can realize the different possibilities they have for their layout.

But why do professionals use virtual reality apart from the difficulty customers have in projecting themselves? Changing their kitchen or even their bathroom is a financial investment that can sometimes slow them down for fear of making a mistake, thanks to VR they are sure of their choice and less reluctant to buy. This also brings them notoriety and a certain visibility by using an original way to stand out from the competition but also a reduction in costs and an increase in turnover by saving time on the various sales.

At Nootty, we offer a virtual reality solution for your 3D designs directly integrated into market softwares. No need to worry about new technologies, we have automated everything for you. Accompany your customers in VR with wireless and autonomous headsets, allow them to personalize their projects in real time and increase your turnover while making your customers 100% satisfied.

Today VR really takes its place in the world of interior design, it is a real asset for both the seller and the end customer. Any questions ? Do not hesitate to contact us here !

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