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Virtual reality and events

The arrival of Covid-19 in 2020 completely turned events around the world upside down, many of them were canceled (75% of those planned for 2020) and they had only one option: to go digital!

This has been done in particular by setting up online conferences or webinars, but the concern is that the use of popular platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom means that we lose the human side of discussions. This is why a new tool is beginning to find a place in the field of digital events, it is of course virtual reality (VR). We will explain to you the contribution of this technology in this field of activity.

So why use VR in events? Several factors will make the use of virtual reality important in the field of events.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

The use of virtual reality during professional events such as trade shows, allows you to differentiate yourself from the use of video for example. You will offer an interactive and multisensory experience that will make your prospects more attentive to your message, your product. Indeed, they will be more willing to try a new experience rather than listening to yet another sales pitch made by a salesperson.

Show that you are connected!

Using this technology is also an opportunity for you to get noticed, with all this high-tech equipment on your stand, you will attract the attention of the public. You will then show that you are a trendy, innovative and a daring brand.

Create the experience of your choice

With virtual reality the field of possibilities is unlimited, during any event you can set up a VR experience. Then offer your guests, prospects, customers and many others a funny experience allowing them to access a world completely different from their own.

Many fields of activity have already started to use virtual reality in the context of events, starting with real estate and architecture which use VR rather than transforming an entire stand into a room in a house. Which costs a lot less. We can also think of the automotive field, in particular with the Chevrolet brand, which has already set up several virtual reality experiences. The company has, for example, created a car simulator in the mountains or created a VR baseball game to attract the attention of the public during a car show.

Today companies even specialize in virtual events, we can talk about the WIN-WIN agency which had considered digitizing the event even before the health crisis. Starting in May 2020, it will launch the E-live offer for the organization of 100% digital or hybrid events. For example, in 2020 it organized the 24 Hours of Le Mans in digital format.

And at Nootty, what do we do? We do not offer completely virtual events but we can demonstrate our solution completely in virtual reality each at home ;)

Today virtual reality in events is still in its infancy, however it offers a great alternative to face-to-face when it turns out to be complicated. VR still has great things to offer us in this area.



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