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Virtual reality and culture

The health crisis, which began in 2020, has had a negative impact on all the economic sectors we know and among them, culture. This field of activity had to reinvent itself to survive, starting with museums by offering new alternatives, including virtual reality. Today, this technology has come to revolutionize the relationship that the consumer has with culture.

Museums were among the first places to offer a new experience to their visitors by using virtual reality in their activity. Today, virtual reality solutions are levers enriching their existing offers and expanding their audience. For example, visitors can travel through time, discover the different eras that humans have known as if they were really there, and that only thanks to a virtual reality headset.

This brings us to the fact that today, culture is no longer inaccessible due to distance since now an app is enough to visit an exhibition. For example, since 2017, the Universal Museum of Art (UMA) has been offering virtual exhibitions accessible to everyone, and this on multiple digital media. Thus, it is possible to live immersive experiences in museums around the world or even walk through completely virtual galleries remotely.

However, museums are not the only cultural activities to open up to virtual reality.

Online casino games are beginning to offer a real experience by allowing different players to find themselves exactly like in a real casino with the sound and visual atmosphere.

It is also possible to allow viewers of a film or series to interact with it and become an actor.

Virtual reality also offers a new way of creating, which allows artists to create new works of art, which would not have been possible before.

Finally, more and more singers are organizing concerts in alternative worlds thanks to VR.

Thus, virtual reality has come to revolutionize the world of culture by offering immersive experiences complementary to what the various cultural places have been able to offer until today.


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