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Kitchen designer's word: Cuisina Créations

A Nootty customer for several months now, Arnaud Batt agreed to give us a feedback on our solution and its use. Find out his answers!

How long have you been a Nootty customer?

I really have been using Nootty for 4 months.

What difference did you notice before and after using Nootty? What did Nootty bring you?

The realistic pictures did not allow my customers to realize the volumes and dimensions of their elements. Customers project themselves more easily into their living spaces, which allows us to gain their trust instantly if the project meets their expectations.

How many VR projects do you do per month? Are all your projects put into VR?

I realize 2 to 3 projects per month and 70% of them are put in virtual reality.

How many sales have you made using Nootty? Did it allow you to increase your turnover?

I couldn't quantify, and can't say, if a sale is made thanks to Nootty. On the other hand, what is certain is that customers who go through this VR experience are won over by our projects, it is inevitable.

Do you use Nootty for a particular type of client?

Indeed, I do not offer this service for small projects and I have noticed that age is not at all an obstacle to technology.

In your opinion, why should a professional use Nootty?

Cuisina Créations has gone through more than 50 years of evolution, Nootty is essential in the progress of our businesses. Tomorrow, if you want to stay in the race, you will have to move in this direction, that's for sure.

Do you have any additional feedback on our solution?

  • Visuals closer to an actual photo would be appreciated.

  • Open the furniture, or at least, initially, allow us to open the image pictogram of the supplier tariff.

  • Create vibrations in the controllers or a sound alert or a visual effect in the display that could indicate that we are in collision with the volume, so as to better perceive the volumes in place such as a kitchen island, high cabinet, etc...

  • Edit textures option only for the designer

  • Improve the gestures of the avatar for more explicit explanations when discovering the project.

Don't worry, we're working on it! ;)

Thanks to Arnaud Batt from Cuisina Créations for his feedback!



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