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3 years of Nootty: Rodolphe and Pierrick answer us!

3 years after the creation of the Nootty company, it’s time for our co-founders to give us feedback on their experience as business leaders. They agreed to answer a few questions, discover the answers now!

What is the origin of Nootty?

2 secondary school friends who met again in higher education and discovered virtual reality.

They decided to create their company during their last year of study. Through various contacts and professional experiences, they began to take an interest in the world of interior design. The idea of setting up an automatic virtual reality system was born. And it was in August 2019 that the Nootty adventure officially began.

What is Nootty, today, after 3 years?

After 3 years, Nootty has become a company made up of 6 people, each with their chosen field, who are moving together towards the same objective: “Making virtual reality an obvious part of the sales process for interior furnishing projects

Composed of around ten partners, Nootty has surrounded itself with various professionals, each representing a trade in interior design, thus allowing it to have a global vision of the market while remaining as close as possible to the needs of the last.

The solution has also evolved. It is now compatible with 7 markets software including the software suites of 2020Spaces & Compusoft, the world and european leaders in publishing software dedicated to interior design. In official partnership with these market players, the solution is natively integrated which allows Nootty to have customers not only in France, but also in Belgium, Switzerland and England to name a few.

Mainly independent, these professionals are architects as well as kitchen designers or home designers. The objective being to offer virtual reality to as many professionals as possible, the years to come will be decisive and based on the increase in users and not only independent users.

With an average of 250 projects put into virtual reality per month, Nootty now allows professionals to offer a totally innovative and immersive virtual experience to their customers with a simple click without a computer or dedicated place.

How do you see Nootty in 3 years?

Nootty aims within 3 years to be present throughout Europe and in all interior design trades. As much for kitchen designers as installers, independents as well as large accounts or franchises, for neophytes and those experienced in virtual reality. Always with the passion for innovation allowing us to offer the best of virtual reality and ourselves 😉

What is the most important thing you have learned in these 3 years?

It's hard to choose just one because we learn more every day. Whether it's team management, the study of customer needs or business management, everything is important and nothing should be left behind or to chance.

The advice we would give would be not to hesitate to go for it, to give your all and above all not to hesitate to ask for help, because the path has already been taken, so you might as well ask for advice and avoid pitfalls 😁

What is the event not to miss to meet us?

The most important event not to be missed to meet us takes place every year in Paris, for 4 days and on 43,000m². It brings together all the professionals in European planning and furnishing. This event is EspritMeuble !


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