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Virtual reality, a new teamwork tool?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Pandemic, confinement, teleworking, for 2 years now companies have had to reinvent themselves in order to keep their teams motivated and above all to maintain the link with them. Many virtual tools have then emerged, what are they and what can they bring you?

Exit Teams, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet today you can hold your meetings in VR, in particular thanks to two tools which allow real human interactions in a new environment. MeetinVR, a virtual reality meeting interface, allows you to meet around a table with your whole team in a brand new virtual reality 😉. You can really interact with everyone, physically by shaking hands with your collaborators, but also exchange with them thanks to the workshops which allows you to write on the boards available to you in the room.

Horizon Workrooms is the VR space dedicated to communication and collaboration between teams in order to develop ideas, all together. Find your colleagues in front of you, even if they are on the other side of the world. Don't have a VR headset? No problem, connect to the meeting with your computer. Work together, thanks to screen sharing and the whiteboard. At Nootty, we tried it, it's great!

VR also comes to take place in the world of Team Building, indeed, nothing better than fulfilling a mission with your team in virtual reality in order to improve collaboration between its members.

And since there is nothing better than putting it into practice, we asked Élise from Sens&Co, who works in the same ecosystem as us, what she thought of the game “Keep talking and nobody explodes” in virtual reality and in team : “This game allows you to work on the fluidity of internal communication in the team, to ask questions about our own way of communicating. Indeed, a word, a sentence will not necessarily have the same meaning for two different people. It also improves collaboration within a team, knowing who to rely on according to our needs.

Finally, a game such as “Keep talking and nobody explodes” in VR can improve team efficiency.”

Virtual reality offers a range of solutions applicable to the world of work, in particular for internal team collaboration. This involves remote meeting applications, but also escape game type scenarios that improve communication between members of the same team. And you, what tools do you use to maintain cohesion within your team?

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